What is Java World Congress-Transforming Theories into Practice

Although we live in the ICT era, there is a lacuna in the attempts to synchronize and integrate ICT with the development challenges of our living world. We experts and practitioners belong to diverse fields with an interest in sustainable development and are involved in work on United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), e-Society , ICT4D, Open Source & Java Technologies and Social Capital . With our wide and varied backgrounds we have agreed to partner with Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals International – the professional body that control and standardize professional training in Java software development worldwide – to give leadership to organize an annual event. This event will meet Open Source ICT Technologists and social developers in order to pursue common goal in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through building and strengthening social capital. ICT for Economic Development while emphasizing the development of the SME Sector and Micro Enterprises focusing entrepreneurship development of youth will be one of the main interests of the Java World Congress.

In order to identify common minimum policy goals in development, we believe that MDGs provide this minimum threshold. Finally our challenge is to bring ICT experts into collaboration with these development efforts particularly in the areas of Education, Livelihood, Food, Health, Environment, Information & Communication , Science & Technology, Sports & Recreation, Housing & Basic Infrastructure and Arts & Culture focusing on vulnerable groups such as women, children, disabled, aged, and youth.

The proposed congress is the platform for this collaboration and will serve as the conduit for backward and forward collaboration bridging two sides of expertise. At the Congress, under different thematic areas these blended experts will present their successful attempts as well as possible venture avenues under different thematic sessions.

The Java Sri Lanka Exhibition will complement the World Congress attracting over 100,000 visitors to witness the potential of ICT applications to solve pressing needs of the globe mainly connected with issues of chronic poverty.

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